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Cleaning and taking care of HomePod
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Cleaning and taking care of HomePod

Learn how to clean and take care of HomePod.

Clean HomePod

Clean with a dry cloth. If necessary, you can clean HomePod with a damp cloth.

Don't use window cleaners, household cleaners, compressed air, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, or abrasives to clean HomePod.

Take care of HomePod

Learn where to put HomePod and what to avoid to keep HomePod safe.

Where to place HomePod

HomePod is designed for indoor use only. When using HomePod, make sure to place it on a solid surface. Place the power cord so that it won't be walked on or pinched.

It is not unusual for any speaker with a vibration-damping silicone base to leave mild marks when placed on some wooden surfaces. The marks can be caused by oils diffusing between the silicone base and the table surface, and will often go away after several days when the speaker is removed from the wooden surface. If not, wiping the surface gently with a soft damp or dry cloth may remove the marks. If marks persist, clean the surface with the furniture manufacturer's recommended cleaning process. If you’re concerned about this, we recommend placing your HomePod on a different surface.

Avoid heat sources

Don't place HomePod near heat sources such as radiators, heat registers, stoves, or other appliances (including amplifiers) that produce heat. Don't place a naked flame such as a lighted candle or lit cigarette on or near HomePod.

Avoid liquids

Don't use HomePod near water or where it might be exposed to dripping or splashing. Keep HomePod away from all sources of liquid, such as drinks, washbasins, bathtubs, shower stalls, swimming pools, spas, and so on.

For more information, see the HomePod User Guide.

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