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Logging in as a student into Clever
Last Updated 2 years ago

If your student is having trouble with logging into your online curriculum (e.g. Edgenuity, Edulastic, etc.) or you are just wanting to see what they see, there is a way of going into Clever as the student.  For all these steps, we'll be assuming you're using Google Chrome.

  1. Login to Clever. Go to and login using either your Google account or Computer account. If it asks you, click to Login as a Teacher.
  2. From the Clever portal, click on Classes on the top-right.
  3. Click on a class the student is enrolled in.
  4. You will be presented a list of students in this class.  Click on the student you want to login as and on the right side you'll see a button labeled "Get backup login code".  Please click this.
  5. You will be given a new window with a Backup Login Code that's 7 letters and numbers.  Please copy this.  Also note, this code is a ONE USE ONLY code, you cannot use this for future logins and will become invalid upon first use.
  6. Open a new Incognito Mode window.  Do this in Google Chrome by opening the menu at the top-right with the three dots: image
  7. Now click "New incognito window".
  8. In this new window, go to (just like when you logged yourself in).
  9. From here, click "Get help logging in!"
  10. Click "Students: Log in with a Backup Code."
  11. Enter the code you copied from Step 5 and click Login.

You can now use Clever as your student!  Open apps as them and you'll see how things look on their side.  When you are done, just close this incognito window and you'll be out of the student's account, no manual logout needed.

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